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We will hold our worship service at 10am as usual. However there is no Sunday School or youth/praise kids this Sunday 9/17. The church office and Sonrise Preschool will open at 9am on Monday 9/18.

Final Bylaws and Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation

Our Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation have been finalized. To read, click the links below.

Final BYLAWS 2017


First Worship Service as an ECO Congregation 2/19/2017

First Worship Service

For Our Sunday Worship Services

Worship Service

Session has approved a new Sunday schedule. Woship will be at 10am. Each Sunday School class will determine their own starting time, either before or after worship. Communion will continue to be on the first Sunday of the month; we will alternate monthly between traditional (plates carried out to pews) and contemporary (people come to the Table) methods of service.

Children's Church

Children K-5th grade are welcomed to attend. They are dismissed prior to the sermon; parents should pick-up their children in the Chapel after the service. Children's Church is not held on communion (first) Sundays or if there are less than 3 children participating. As always, families are encouraged to worship together.


Nursery is for Pre-K and under, and is available during our Sunday School & service-- first floor, room # 5.

Ministry Activities

Tuesday Night Live

Announcing Tuesday Night Live, hosted by Tulip Fellowship in the Boswell Room. The peoplbe of Tulip Fellowship invite all of our Pasadena Presbyterian Church friends to join us, so that we can grow in Christ together.

First 6 weeks schedule, beginning September 12th:

5-6pm: "Galatians: The Majestic Grace of God"
Teacher: Rev. Gary Hofmeyer - Chapel

6-6:45pm: Dinner by Vicki Danz in Boswell
Cost $5 per person, and $10 per family

7-8pm: "Galatians: the Majestic Grace of God" Teacher Rev Gary Hofmeyer (chapel)
"What is Reformed Theology: What do we believe as members of the ECO" - An RC Sproul Video Series led by Bill Bornbeck (Chapel)

Sign-up for Dinner is required. Call the Church Office by September 10th to reserve your place!

Breakfast with Jesus

The Breakfast with Jesus Sunday School class is studying, "Evangelizing the World around Us." Everyone is invited to participate. Class starts at 8:30am in the Fellowship Hall.

Praise Chorus

Praise Chorus rehearses Wednesdays in the sanctuary. Everyone is welcome to join. See Carol Pilkington for details.


Coming September 29th, there will be a picnic with SOnrise Preschool, sponsored by the Koinonia Ministry. For more details - and how you can help- see Pat Mancini.

Help with Bills

If you need assistance with bills, etc. check out this website:

Interested in Joining PPC, or Need a Pastoral Visit?

If so, please give Pastor Carl a call. The chuch office can be reached at (727) 345-0148.

Church Office Information

Office Email

Please direct office email to . If you don't get a reply, please call the office.

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