We are excited to welcome Pastor Eric McEwan to the Pasadena Presbyterian family. We have resumed in person worship services on Sundays at 10:00am in the sanctuary. 

We are following CDC guidelines to safely reopen the church service with your help. Please feel free to talk to a Stewardship Committee member, or a deacon or elder if you have questions or concerns.


The service will also be live streamed and available to you at home by going to the worship tab on our web site and clicking on the  “play video” link, as we live stream the service. Unlike our recorded worship services, the link for live streaming will not be active prior to Sunday at 10:00am.

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Here's what's going on this week. See what's going on by checking out our monthly calendar here.


September 20

8am Praise Band
9am Breakfast with Jesus

10am Worship with Communion

11:20am Gospel in Life

3pm Praise Kids


September 21

Labor Day

Sonrise Preschool Closed


September 22

Sonrise Preschool

7pm Session Meeting

7pm AA Closed Meeting


September 23

Sonrise Preschool

3:30pm Gospel in Life

5pm Praise Band Practice


September 24

Sonrise Preschool


September 25

Sonrise Preschool

Church Office Closed


September 26

No activities

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Right Now Media

New Resource: Right Now Media - Pasadena Presbyterian has a new resource available to members. Right Now Media provides a variety of Christian entertainment and teaching videos for you to watch and learn from! Click on the link below to begin exploring this new resource!

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